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Detail Your Home’s Exterior for a Pristine Clean

From the North Shore to the Hamptons and Montauk, Long Island is a great place to have a home. But the proximity to the Atlantic and our harsh winters are hard on your home’s exterior. Salt, algae, and mold discolor cedar shake siding and roofs making beautiful homes unsightly. Don’t settle for dirty siding, eaves, coach lamps, or other exterior surfaces. H2Only safely cleans your Nassau or Suffolk County home’s exterior with soft, low-pressure water and powerful but gentle cleaning solutions. You detail your car, why not detail your home’s exterior!

The H2Only Difference

H2Only details the exterior surfaces of your home using pure water applied at low pressure and boosted with a safe cleaning solution. We can safely and effectively clean any surface of your home.

Our soft washing service is perfect for restoring the cedar that’s so popular on Long Island homes. And soft washing won’t damage cedar shake or other exterior surfaces.  

Uniformed technicians provide white glove service. Our soft washing process doesn’t leave behind any residue to trap additional dirt. Your home stays looking clean longer than with other cleaning methods. 

Soft Washing Cedar and Brick Without Damage

Soft washing uses low pressure and eco-friendly surfactants to remove algae, mold, dirt, and grime.

Gentle 300 psi soft washing service is safe for landscaping and pets. We cover sensitive plants for added protection. 

Soft washing gently removes algae and mold that cause wood to deteriorate. Protect your most valuable investment – your home.  

Remove unsightly stains, get your home sparkling clean, and add instant curb appeal with Long Island’s most trusted residential soft washing service. 

Happy Homes and Homeowners Without Harsh Chemicals

Every drop of water that falls around your home makes its way to our groundwater, creeks, rivers, streams, and the ocean. Protect our waterways with soft washing that uses an eco-friendly solution. 

Our soft washing service uses a mild cleaning and surfactant solution that breaks down into oxygen and sodium chloride – that’s air and table salt!

Remove mold, mildew, and algae that stain and damage your home’s exterior surfaces without destroying the natural beauty that surrounds your home. For over 17 years, H2Only has been a Top-Rated Service Provider on the trusted Homeadvisor network.

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