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Did You Know About These 6 Benefits of Window Cleaning?

Everything in your home needs cleaning regularly. You wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters, you mop and vacuum, and dust the furniture. The most ambitious may even scrub grout lines or wash the baseboards. But when was the last time you seriously cleaned your windows?

Windows do more than provide a peek at the outside. They provide ambient lighting, enhance air quality and circulation, and contribute to the exterior look of your home. So, it makes sense to keep them clean. The benefits of window cleaning impact the interior and exterior of your home. Here are 6 ways window cleaning benefits your home. 

Extend the Life of Your Windows

All glass can be etched, and the glass in your windows is no different. If you hose windows down to remove pollen and cobwebs, you may contribute to etching.

Etching is caused when water evaporates and leaves deposits of calcium behind. These calcium deposits create a white haze on your windows. 

The longer the deposit remains, the more difficult it is to remove. One of the benefits of regular window cleaning is that calcium deposits don’t have time to etch your glass. 

Regular window cleaning also provides an opportunity to discover a problem with a hinge, slider, or sash and keeps small problems small. 

When H2Only cleans your window, you get the added benefit of window cleaning with pure water. There is no residue left behind as pure water contains no calcium. 

Boost Curb Appeal

Nothing says a home receives excellent care like sparkling windows that glimmer in the sunlight. 

Clean windows leave a positive impression on every visitor from your colleagues from work that pop by for a quick chat to the door-to-door salesman selling you the local newspaper. While you might not care about impressing the solicitor, pollster, or political campaign volunteer you do care about how friends and neighbors perceive your home.

And if your home is on the market for sale, curb appeal is key. Potential buyers see clean windows and assume you care about tending to the smallest detail when it comes to home maintenance. 

Clean Windows Stay Clean Longer

It sounds crazy, but one of the benefits of window cleaning is that it actually helps keep your windows clean longer. 

Residue, film, or debris on the glass acts like a magnet and attracts more dirt and debris. But a clean, slick surface makes it hard for dirt to adhere. 

H2Only cleans with pure water. The glass in your windows is sparkling clean and stays sparkling clean longer.

Indoor smokers and vapers deposit a film on window glass that attracts dust, pollen, and other indoor allergens. When you clean your windows, you remove these allergens and keep them away. 

So clean windows not only look clean now, they stay cleaner in the future. 

Brightens the Interior

Your windows let the natural light into your home. They provide ambient lighting in every room.

Dirty, grimy, and film-coated windows don’t let brilliant sunlight in. Those dirty windows let in a low-level, sad substitute for the sun. 

Clean windows brighten up the interior of your home. That’s even more important in winter. Some people are affected by reduced sunshine in winter. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that impacts some people each year. The therapy includes more exposure to natural light. And one of the benefits of window cleaning is plenty of natural light. 

Window washing is good for the windows and good for your mood! 

Improve Your Exterior View 

What good is a stunning view if it’s marred by the spray from seawater or outdoor air pollution? 

Cleaning windows is like cleaning the glass on a piece of art, it reveals the true beauty.

With dirty windows, you can’t fully appreciate the plumage of the local birds, the vibrant colors in your landscape, or the pastoral views of your neighbor’s driveway.

No matter what you are looking at, it just looks better through clean windows. Whether you peep at creatures on four legs or two, you’ll get a better view through clean glass.

Improve Heating and Cooling Efficiency

If you’ve outfitted your home with low-E windows, you’ll get even more efficiency when you keep those windows clean.

Low emissive glass windows are great for energy efficiency because they reduce the levels of ultraviolet and infrared rays that come into your home through your windows. In the summer, they help keep the house cool and, in the winter, low-E windows reduce the heat lost through window glass.  That is if the panes are clean! 

You only get the real benefits of low-E glass when the windows are clean. 

H2Only cleans the exterior and interior of your low-E glass windows so you get all the benefits of energy-efficient windows as well as all the other great benefits of window washing.

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