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5 Benefits of Pressure Washing That You MUST Know

You’ve seen the neighbors getting their home’s exterior surfaces clean with pressure washing but aren’t sure if this is something you need to do at your home. Your neighbors know something you don’t. Every home needs a good exterior cleaning periodically. It’s good for your home, good for your health, and good for the environment. That’s just the start. Here are 5 benefits of pressure washing. 

Restores Appearance

Think about it, your home sits outside 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The truth is, you never really think about your home’s exterior until it’s too late.

Your home’s siding, walkways, driveways, and decks endure an assault every day. Whether it’s pollen from the trees and grasses, wind-driven pollution from cars and businesses, contaminated rain, salt from nearby water, or particulates from power plants it all ends up on your home’s surfaces. Imagine if you went months without bathing. You’d be filthy. 

Your home is too. But the dirt and grime build up so gradually, you might not even notice it. Then suddenly one day, you realize your home looks really bad. A dirty home looks shabby, even if it is well tended.

One of the major benefits of pressure washing is that it can restore the appearance of dirty surfaces. Suddenly, that pool deck looks as fresh as the day it was finished. Your siding appears as if it received a fresh coat of paint, the eaves are free of cobwebs, and the sidewalks and driveways are inviting again.

Pressure washing makes dull surfaces brighter and your home sparkles. 

Maintains Surfaces

The shady portions of your home’s exterior that are exposed to moisture are a haven for algae, mold, and fungus.

You can find algae and mold growing on siding, under eaves, on the sidewalk, and covering shaded decks and patios. 

Mold grows on any surface it can digest. Molds excrete enzymes to break down their food and any carbon-containing (organic) surface is food for mold. Even synthetic materials made from carbon-based products (like paint) are food for mold. 

When you allow mold to grow on your home, you are literally feeding your home to mold. Don’t feed the mold!

Pressure washing safely removes harmful mold, algae, and fungus from home exterior surfaces without damage. And if the mold isn’t on your home, it’s not eating your home. 

Concrete and brick pavers hold moisture and dust and so does stucco. When mold spores land, they have everything they need for a meal. That’s why mold grows on cement, brick, and stucco. It’s the dust captured by the craggy surfaces that feeds the mold. 

Pressure washing removes the dust and debris from the craggy surfaces and takes the mold along with it. Without a food source, mold won’t grow again quickly on your concrete, brick, or stucco surfaces. 

Increases Curb Appeal

Ask any real estate agent, how important is a first impression? If you are putting your home on the market, get the highest dollar by making the best first impression. 

A home that is recently pressure-washed gleams and sparkles. When a home looks that good on the outside, you know the inside looks great as well. 

Another benefit of pressure washing before you sell is that a pristine exterior sends a message that your home has received excellent care. Potential buyers assume that the home’s interior and mechanical systems must be well-maintained as well.

Cha-ching! That’s the sound of money in your pocket when you pressure wash before you sell your home. Now that’s a great financial benefit of pressure washing!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Method

Pressure washing uses the power of water to remove dirt, pollen, mold, algae, and other air-borne contaminants.

Some cleaning methods require harsh chemicals that are harmful to people, harmful to your landscaping, and harmful to the environment.

When you use harsh, toxic, and dangerous chemicals outside, they eventually find their way into the groundwater. From the groundwater, these toxins leach into rivers, streams, and ponds. 

If you live near a body of water, such as a lake or canal, it’s doubly dangerous to use toxic chemicals to clean the exterior of your home. 

However, when you have H2Only pressure wash your home, you know only pure water touches your home’s surfaces and the environment. It’s an eco-friendly way to clean your home’s exterior surfaces. 

Creates a Healthier Environment

Do you really want to breathe the mold spores, pollen, and algae that are gathering on your home’s exterior?

When you allow these contaminants to collect on your home’s exterior, you increase your exposure to them.  

H2Only blasts away these contaminants so you don’t worry about them again. And when your walkways, driveway, patio, and pool surfaces are free of algae and mold, they are less slippery. That reduces your chances of slipping and falling. 

So, now that you understand the benefits of pressure washing you understand why your neighbor has it done. 

If pressure washing benefits your neighbor’s home, you know it will benefit yours too.

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